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  • Matilda Kivinen

Press release: Finnish Corporate Culture Design Enters International Markets

In May, Finnish company Milestone Coaching and Consulting Oy Ltd signed an agreement of collaboration and product development with Amsterdam based company Learn Adapt Build (LAB).

– Strong local skills are needed when corporate culture design services go international. Co-operation with LAB’s specialists has been tremendously inspiring. LAB shares Miledrive’s target to develop corporate culture through a comprehensive idea of man, says Elina Aaltolainen-Harjuoja, CEO of Milestone.

Nicholas White, the CEO of Learn Adapt Build, notes that the Nordic countries’ societal structures have had a positive impact on business innovation and efficiency. These ends are targeted by paying attention to human needs of employees, not by harder rules or adding work hours.

– Nordic companies have been forced to adapt to societal structures, which focus on attaining good work-life balance. Milestone’s comprehensive idea of a man doubles down on the idea that, if you meet the human needs of your people, you will get ultimate results with your business. We agree with this idea, Nicholas White says.

This collaboration is designed to reengineer the human side of business for optimal results. Milestone’s extensive experience combined with LAB’s creative approach serves to transform businesses through human means. The collaboration is initially focused on development and sales of Milestone’s service and digital tools called Miledrive.

Nicholas White will be at Upgrade Life-festival in Helsinki. He will be speaking at the main stage on friday 1.6.2018 with Milestone’s Antti Harjuoja. The topic is The Age of Employment – Addressing the Aging Workforce.

Contact details and additional information:

Elina Aaltolainen-Harjuoja

+358 405044707

Nicholas White

+31 624 347 887


Milestone Consulting and Coaching Oy was founded in 2002. The mission of Milestone is to develop corporate culture through a comprehensive idea of man. The firm has seven employees.

Miledrive service provides tools and methods for strategic development of corporate culture. The service has received in past funding from Business Finland, the Finnish innovation funding organization.

Learn Adapt Build is a boutique transformation agency founded in 2015. The consulting firm concentrates on change management and development of work environments. The network-based company has a team of ten people.

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